Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

Go To Grojogan Sewu Waterfall in Tawang Mangu Karanganyar

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Nowadays many people like to be a traveller. They are going to every place who they like. It will be make them happy. And you know? Water fall is one of tourist resort in Tawang Mangu, Karanganyar, Indonesia. The water fall is very beatifull. Hmm, how beautifull water fall it is.

Why, I Can say that?

Because I ever go to there . water fall of grojogan sewu in tawangmangu popular in local tourist and international tourist. I think so :D
Grojogan Sewu Water fall

I went to there with my friends. They are my clasmate. The Journey was began at December in 2012. Before i have journey, I have planning to go there. I plan where i will stay, an take a rest.

I have an good idea. I have friend when I teach at SmartGamma , her name ms tuti. She is o good person. I ask home stay which i can stay on it. And I get a villa with cheaper cost from her. I just pay 70.000 rupiahs to stay on it. oh... how happy I am

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